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Because there have been so many requests to print out the materials for various types of distribution, that I feel an explanation is in order. 

Because of legal agreements, this material carries copyright clearance only for direct Internet access from CyberCollege or the InternetCampus; therefore,

printing out these materials for any type of general distribution or linking only to the images is violation of several copyright holdings and agreements, and therefore must be prohibited.

Since copyright violations will jeopardize the continued availability of these free materials, I would appreciate your bringing any copyright violations to my attention. Please .

At the same time, copyright allows for single, personal copies of the materials.

More detailed information about copyright can be found here.

One of the reasons I moved to the Internet to publish these cybertexts was to make it possible to regularly update the material to reflect the constant change in the fields. 

Since the cybertexts have been published there have been hundreds of updates.  Some are due to changes in the field, some are the result of suggestions by readers, some are designed to expand on existing information, and some are simply to correct writing errors.

These materials are designed to take advantage of the capabilities of the worldwide web. The interactive tests, the discussion forum, and the numerous external links all require an Internet connection.  

We've already seen studies that indicate that web-based training, even in its present primitive stage, can be more effective with TV- and computer-generation youth than what they often get in a classroom. The goal, of course, is to combine the best of both worlds.

And, as they say, we've only just begun.

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