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CyberCollege ® and theMain Index Internet Campus® have hundreds of media files and thousands of illustrations. Click on Index on the right.

A free, award-winning course in video and audio production can be accessed by clicking on the contents illustration below.

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This interactive TV course is now being used by thousands of students around the world.

ForumThe Readers' Forum  can be accessed by clicking the icon on the right.


Click on the graphic below for a comprehensive course in the Mass Media covering film, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and the Internet.

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The author's "war story" blog on media issues can be accessed here.

Fog's IndexThe most controversial feature on the site is Fog's Columns covering politics,  religion, and sex.

Before his retirement Frederick "Fog" Horne had a distinguished career in newspapers and magazines.

Accident SceneThere are also columns on education and hundreds of articles related to the media, including the latest studies on the social effects of media sex (not what are commonly assumed) and violence (probably much worse than commonly assumed).

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